3D Character Artist

Richard Jusuf was born 1990 in Jakarta, he studied at Bina Nusantara majored in 3D Animation. His hobbies such as games and music which inspired him to create unique ideas. He had an internship at Lumine Animation Studio (was once one of the biggest studios at Jakarta) as a 3D modeler and texture artist. His skill set consists of 3D Character modeling, texturing, And lighting.


Senior 3D environment artist at PKDI. responsible for doing 3D modeling environment & character (cinematic and games)

3D Environment & Lighting Artist at WIR global (AR&Co.) responsible for doing 3d modeling environment (UV map, texturing) and lighting.


3D Environment Artist at Lumine Animation Studio responsible for the 3d modeling of the environment and props, UV map, and texturing.


Software Experience:
-Autodesk Maya
– Zbrush
-Substance Painter
-Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe After Effects